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Welcome to Health Awareness laser therapy to quit smoking... 
halting the habit from smoking addiction.


After decades of use all over the world, low-level laser therapy has produced thousands of success stories.


The principle goal of Health Awareness Laser Therapy is to assist smokers in ending their nicotine addiction. We have countless examples of every type of smoking addiction that has been successfully broken through laser therapy. If you’ve never seriously considered quitting smoking, please consider some of these business and personal facts:


Business Facts”Give your employees the gift of life.”

·    U.S. lost productivity (1997-2001)    $92 billion

·    Smoking related health costs       $167 billion

·    Premature Deaths (1997-2001)      438,000


Personal Facts…”10 good reasons to stop smoking.”

·    Heart attack or stroke

·    Lung cancer, emphysema and other lung disease

·    Better smelling, clothes, hair, breath, home and car

·    Climb stairs and walk without getting out of breath

·    Fewer wrinkles

·    Be free of morning coughs

·    Healthier and happier children

·    More energy to pursue physical activities

·    Save money

·    Living longer for family, friends and community


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