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My Success Story

Laser Therapy for smoking cessation had such a powerful impact on me that I quit my life long profession as an accountant to dedicate my time to helping YOU obtain your own "life changing experience".

I am committed to helping you reach your goal in putting your addictions behind you. One laser session changed my life forever....after 40 years of smoking one and a half packs of cigarettes each day..... it WILL do the same for you.

I thank my wife, Dr. Sandra Kuglics, for her support, encouragement and expertise through the process. Together we will do it for you! Health Awareness Laser Therapy is a natural health center using non-invasive, drugless therapies in all areas of addiction and self improvement. Advanced technology and principles of caring are
what make Health Awareness Laser Therapy so unique.

Our clinic's tranquil atmosphere reflects an organization truly committed to helping people all over the globe live healthy, happy and productive lives free from nicotine addiction.

Mission Statement

At Health Awareness Laser Therapy our goal is to maintain our leadership status by continuing our commitment to exceptional service with the most advanced technology and the highest
standard of care.

There are over two decades of experience in the exclusive Matrix System, and is well documented throughout the world as being the number one drugless therapy available in the field of addictions. We are committed to YOUR health.


Gene Kuglics
Certified Laser Technician Health Awareness Laser Therapy (HALT)

Sandra Kuglics, N.D. Certified Laser Technician Health Awareness Laser Therapy (HALT)

"Our goal is to inspire and guide people of all ages in understanding and aligning themselves with the principles that govern the healthy function of body, mind and spirit for the purpose of maintaining balance and experiencing optimal health.”

Sandra Kuglics, N.D.


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