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  “How does “Laser Therapy” work?


Step 1: A smoker desires to quit, but can’t.


Step 2:  A “Free Consultation” that assesses the client’s desire and obstacles in quitting smoking. The patient is then provided with the step-by-step laser therapy procedure.


Step 3:  Generally, one treatment is sufficient to eliminate nicotine addiction, however, due to the fact that some individuals may release more endorphins than others, 2 or 3 treatments may be necessary. We offer a 3-month support system. You can relax knowing that we are here to help you put the addiction behind you not matter what it takes.


Benefits: The benefits of laser are well documented throughout the world. Clinical studies have shown up to a 94% success rate in suppression of physical cravings for nicotine. Low power laser is used on specific points of the central nervous system to stimulate neurochemicals (endorphins).

This helps to suppress the physical cravings, withdrawal and anxiety.   The exclusive Matrix Laser Therapy Program at Health Awareness Laser Therapy deals with all aspects of the addiction, physical, psychological and detoxification. In most cases one thirty-minute session is all that is needed. The treatment is safe, painless, drug free and without negative side effects. It is a lot easier to become a non-smoker when your body isn't screaming for nicotine. Our exclusive Detox program is unprecedented and available only at HALT.




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