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At Health Awareness Laser Therapy we believe the answer to better health is a multi-phasic approach involving the following components: #1 - relieving the physical elements without using a drug, #2 - dealing with the psychological aspect in such a way that it ensures a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, #3 - supporting the body nutritionally to rid the body of toxins, and assist the body in recovery. Health Awareness Laser Therapy has developed a complete and exclusive approach to help you reach your goals quickly, safely and effectively without the use of drugs.

I was addicted to pain killer for 4 years and didn't knwo how to quit using them on my own. I tried many times, but the withdrawal symptoms were so so bad that I had to go back to using the drugs. I got my life back when I went to Halt For Laser Therapy. After only 8 treatments, I was psychologically, mentally, and physically free. Thank You!!!

Drug Addiction Today
Drug use is no longer a problem related to big cities.  It is no longer a problem of just the lower class.  In he 90's drugs have moved into the upper middle class to the wealthy, with a new wave of designer drugs that promise to deliver a feeling of well being, a high of extreme pleasure.  Clearly programs of the past have failed, as the use of drugs is accelerating in our society.  People who wish to escape the addiction have few programs to help them.  A typical doctor may be reluctant in diagnosing drug addiction let alone have the time, training, and skills to help to the drug dependent or alcoholic.

I became addicted to morphine and other pain killers as an adolesent.  I was also on prescription meds for insomnia, allergies and gall bladder. At the age of 21 I was hospitalized at one of the most prestigious clinics to have my gall bladder removed.  Because of complications, I remained there for six weeks and was administered morphine the whole entire time.  As time went by and I could no longer get hold of these drugs, I resorted to using street drugs; cocaine, etc. and I was considered to be severely addicted. 

At age 26 I realized that I was destroying my life.  I missed out on so much during the 12 years prior to this and I desperately wanted to stop using drugs. I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy to treat my addiction and I got my life back.  I had a series of 8 treatments.  After the third treatment, I had no cravings and very little withdrawal symptoms.  The love and care that I received at HALT meant so much to me.  I'm free from my addiction and will never go back.

I was 13 years old when I started using drugs.  I liked the way they made me feel and I was more outgoing.  I was so caught up in smoking marijuana and using hash, I didn't care...I just "didn't care".  By the time my parents found out about my addiction, I was in clinical depression and a severe addict at the age of 16.  I wanted to stop. 

I checked myself in and out of Rehab centers several times but could not seem to beat  this awful addiction.  I know I was hurting myself and my parents.  I was embarrassed in school and at my workplace - everyone knew.  I missed an excessive amount of school and was failing.  Finally, I was in my senior year of high school and was hopeful of graduating that year. 

By the grace of God and through the strength and faith in God that my parents had, they sent me to Health Awareness Laser Therapy for laser treatments. I DID STOP my addiction to drugs.  I had 8 treatments, was given nutritional advice and my symptoms of cravings were gone after the first few treatments.  I graduated from high school that year and have been drug free for a whole year.

Toxic Effect of Drugs
Simply put drugs are poison to the body.  Too much of a drug, too pure
of a drug and your heart can stop instantly.  Use alcohol with a sedative together you have a recipe for a coma, or you simply stop breathing immediately.  Obviously a serious problem which needs a serious solution.


Stress Management
The Matrix System at Health Awareness Laser Therapy can be an effective means to reduce symptoms of stress. This is based upon the lasers ability to stimulate neurochemicals that create feelings of well being, and acupoint stimulation techniques which assist in the balancing of the body’s energy, therefore helping to alleviate physical anxiety and stress. This exclusive program will give you an understanding of the origin of stress in your life, and provide you with guidance in reducing the related symptoms.

Ejoy the life changing, relaxing laster treatment, one hour massage, a box of our healthy and delicious dark chocolates from Isadelite, and our famous ExStress body soak and oral supplements to take home with you. The natural way to help your body deal with stress-related conditions. Treat yourself and loved ones.

What's Special About All ExStress Products?

Most ExStress users are dealing with stressful conditions brought on by everyday life situations. These stressful situations, if not dealt with properly, can cause illness and disease. Often, there are deep-seated perceptions in the unconscious mind that play a major role in suppressing the enjoyment of emotional and physical health.

Extra-Strength ExStress Soak and Oral Drops are for those who may be suffering from these unconscious perceptions. By sending special light-energy signals to the brain and body, Extra-Strength ExStress offers a totally new modality in fighting and overcoming many health related conditions.

Medical science is now convinced that many physical conditions are rooted in the patient's inability to deal with hormonal imbalances and stress-related occurrences. High powered drugs are seldom appropriate for those combating ordinary daily stress. Extra-Strength ExStress products are being recommended by many health practitioners for those patients suffering from physical ailments that cannot be diagnosed, or patients they feel may have a condition with a deep emotional beginning.


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