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I started smoking at the age of 13 and smoked for 50 years. I tried to quit cold turkey, tried the nicotine gum and patches and I tried to stop smoking with hypnosis..none of them helped me at all to stop this horrible habit. I was coughing and had shortness of breath all the time. I heard about Health Awareness Laser Therapy and set the appointment for April 1, 2009. I had one treatment and have never never smoked again.

--Ginny, Aliquippa

Going to Health Awareness Laser Therapy to stop smoking was a gift from God. I was a smoker for 40 years and had tried to quit cold turkey, I tried the nicotine gum and patch and I even tried the electric cigarette. No matter what, I just could not stop that horrible addiction. My top 3 reasons for wanting to stop smoking was death, death, death. On 2/28/12 I stopped smoking for good and have not picked up a cigarette since. If you are ready to quit, you will when you go to Health Awareness Laser Therapy.

--Ed, Aliquippa

I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy on 8/2/12 to stop smoking. I had one treatment and have never had another cigarette nor the desire for one I had smoked a pack a day for 30 years and tried to quit using the nicotine gum, nicotine patches and Chantix and was not successful with any of them. Since I quit smoking, my sister Jean, my brother Larry and my nephew Lance have all gone there to quit smoking as well and they are all non-smokers now too! If you are even considering stopping smoking, go to Health Awareness Laser Therapy....it works.

--Brenda, Monaca

I smoked for 50 plus years. I went to HALT on 5-29-12 to quit because I had several friends who had gone and they highly recommended that I try it. None of them are smoking and neither am I. I am thankful to HALT for helping me to put that addiction behind me.

--Stanley, New Brighton

I am 76 years old and had been smoking a long long time. I have to admit that I liked smoking but I knew that it was time to quit . I wanted to quit but I didn't know how. Gene. at Health Awareness Laser Therapy spent a lot of time talking to me about the benefits of laser therapy and told me that he would not take my money unless I really knew what I wanted. I thought about it for a month and then on 7/25/12 I went in for my treatment to stop smoking. I am so very happy that I tell everyone I know and meet about Health Awareness Laser Therapy, I have been a non-smoker ever since.

--Ernie, Monaca

I smoked 40 cigarettes a day for 40 years. I am a diabetic and really wanted to quit smoking to regain my health back as well as various other reasons. I am proud to say that I have been a non-smoker now for 3-1/2 years. I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy on 8-11-09 for laser therapy to stop smoking. I did return one time a week later for another treatment at no cost. You are entitled to go for additional treatments just as long as you don't light up. The support from them is great. and the price is so low that you surely get your money back in a month. I don't know of anything else that could do what they have done for me. I am happy and my wife is happy.

--Bob, Freedom

Just wanted to say hi and let you know what you did for me over seven years (yes it's been 7 yrs) ago is still fresh on my mind and oh, how thankful I am that my daughter told me about y'all. I have told several people about the "miracle" in that little laser you weild. I wish that all smokers could understand what they are doing to themselves and those around them not to mention cost and smell. It is so nice not to be tied up in knots with addiction and now that I'm retired the savings in $$ is nice too!! Bless you both and keep on with your life saving work.

--Lynn Oliphant, Chanute, Kansas

Joe and I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy together to stop smoking on July 15, 2008. We only had one laser treatment even though additional treatments are included in their program. The nicotine detox protocol that is included is very helpful to the stop smoking procedure. We are still both non-smokers and are grateful to have finally found a safe and natural and EASY way to stop smoking.

--Diana and Joe, Beaver Falls

I must say that much to my surprise, I am a non-smoker after having just one laser treatment for smoking cessation. I feel great and do not have nor haveI had a thought to light up, have not thought about the physical,hand to mouth association nor a craving since my treatment. I am very well satisfied, it was money well spent.

--Mark, Beaver Falls

My husband and I went to HALT on Januray 25, 2008 for the smoking cessation treatment with laser therapy. The staff was very courteous and the office is very warm and comfortable. So, if you are nervous upon arriving, that changes immediately. My husband is a truck driver and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes per day and I smoked 1 pack per day. We both smoked for 40 plus years and have tried many many times to quit. We were both very surprised at how easy it was for us both to quit smoking with laser therapy. We both went back for a booster treatment at no extra cost, not because we were craving a cigarette,but just because it was available to us. My husband is still amazed at how one 30 minute treatment could wipe out a 40 year old habit. We have not smoked since the day of our treatment.

--Mike and Roxane, Emswort

I want to thank you because with your help, I have finally kicked the habit. It has been 2 months now and I have no fear that I will start smoking again. The desire is completely gone and thanks to you and H.A.L.T. it was not that difficult. There were only a few times when I thought about having a cigarette, but it was easy to get over the craving. I didn't cry, there was no depression and I wasn't even cranky. I would recommend Laser Therapy to everyone. It really works and I tried every other "cure" available including hypnosis, the patch, prescription drugs, and even acupuncture. Nothing else worked. So thank you so much.

--Deborah Wysni

It has been three years in November since I made my way to your clinic and became free of tobacco. Well, just wanted to say Hi and let you know what a difference you've made in our lives. Thanks so much.

--Lynn Oliphant; Chanute, KS

Yesterday, it was TEN wonderful months since I “LAST” smoked… (one half pack on the way to your office) I am extremely grateful for your patience with me.  I will always be thankful that I found all of you.  I could not quit smoking on my own or with any other technique.  It was so simple; yet I kicked and screamed the whole way to being a non smoker…  That’s the addicton!!!  How well I know this and I knew it before I came to you.  (15 years clean and sober 1-15-2007)…

I want all to know; they can be SMOKE FREE!!!  To get there; they CAN’T do it there way…  One way or the highway…  This does work!!!  All you have to do is WANT TO QUIT!!!

It was 12-28-2005 when I called to cancel my appointment for the third time.  You came highly recommended by two friends Gail S. & Donny F. Both are success stories to this day…  Truthfully I was not ready or prepared my first trip…  It was all me!!  I only lasted three weeks before I talked my self into having a puff!  Three months later I was at six cigs a day!!  NOW I’M NONE A DAY & LOVING IT!!!  Don’t pull a Raymond and think you can have just a puff!!!  Stay focused & call for help if need be or just set up a second appointment from the get go!!!  Either way you’ll be glad you did and so will all who love you!!!

--Raymond Aliquippa, PA

After 44 years of smoking on 2-6-07 I was smoke free for 1 year due to HALT.  For that I want to thank you. As you were aware I tried gums, patches, pills, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and anything else that was advertised but to no avail, until I found HALT.

This year was a real test with deaths in the family and my husband with emergency surgery and thru all of that not a cigarette.  My family and friends are very proud of me but I am so very proud and happy that I will hopefully live a longer healthier life.


I have wanted to quit smoking for the last two years and couldn’t.  I live in California and was in the Pittsburgh area in August, 2006.  I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy wearing my patch, chewing the nicotine gum and carrying the cigarettes in my pocket.  I couldn’t wait to rip off that patch, clear out my pockets and hand them over to be thrown away.  This habit had controlled me long enough and I was sick of it.  I must say that my life complete changed on August 22, 2006.  I left to return home two days later and I have not had a craving or symptom of withdrawal.  The detoxification program that is included in this package is one of a kind and the safest and easiest way to completely detox all of those harsh chemicals out of the body.  Needless to say, I am a walking business card for HALT.

--David – Santa Barber, CA

I have quit smoking before but the cravings were overwhelming.  This was the easiest way to quit, I have had no trouble at all and am amazed that I am doing so well and feeling really good.

--Todd – Beaver, PA

In the 30 years that I smoked, I tried it all to quit; the patch, nicotine gum, welbutrin and nothing worked for me.  I went to HALT on October 9, 2005 and with one treatment, I was able to quit smoking.  I am still smoke free, I feel great, I have a lot of energy and best of all, no cravings “it is unbelievable to me!”  I tell everyone of my success with laser therapy.  

--Linda – Butler, PA

I smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years.  I have had physical stress and challenges all of my adult life.  I tried to quit smoking with over the counter methods and could not do it.  I had one laser treatment to stop smoking, I’m drinking a lot of water and I feel good, I’ve had no problems at all and I have no desire for a cigarette.

--Vincent – Aliquippa, PA

It is hard for me to believe it but I have not had a cigarette since the day I left your office.  I’ve had a few slight struggles here and there but still have not touched a cigarette or had a craving for nicotine.  I smoked 5 to 5 packs of cigarettes a day.

--Lou – Beaver Falls, PA

I knew I should quit smoking but I still enjoyed my cigarettes.  The hardest thing for me to do was to make the commitment and go to Dr. Kuglics, the rest was easy.  After just one session I can honestly say I have never wanted a cigarette since.  I am so proud to say that was October 19, 2005 almost 10 months ago and I am so proud to finally be a non-smoker.  I will forever be thankful to the Dr. and her staff.  With many thanks and gratitude!  Sincerely.

--Simone – Appomattox, VA

“It has been seven months since I had my last cigarette, thanks to Laser Therapy. I smoked a pack a day for many years and had tried numerous times to quit. I tried the patch and pills-neither worked. In fact, if I was in a stressful situation, I would take off the patch and grab a cigarette. I was looking for an easy way to quit, one in which I would never crave another cigarette. I found that easy way with Laser Therapy.

I am a very skeptical person, but knowing that it had worked for others, I gave it a try. After I had it done, I thought I didn’t feel any different. But, I can honestly say that I have not craved a cigarette since. The very night I had it done I was around people who chain-smoke and I never felt the desire to light up. I am not only thankful for Laser Therapy for myself, but also for my friend (a 35 year old—3 ½ pack a day smoker) who has also quit thanks to Laser Therapy.”

--Linda from Ellwood City, PA

“I was about ten when I started sneaking my first non-filtered cigarettes out of my father’s pack. That was forty years ago. By the time I quit at age fifty, I was smoking four packs a day. Somewhere around age thirty-five I figured I had better quit, so I enrolled in a smoking cessation class offered by my employer. That lasted all of two weeks and I was not only smoking again, but also smoking more than before I quit. In the years since it’s been one method after another. Cold turkey, gum, the patch, chewing on straws, you name it, I tried it. In addition, as with the first attempt, every time I tried to quit I ended up smoking more than before. Then in the spring of 2004, my girlfriend suggested we try Laser Therapy. Being the eternal skeptic, I laughed at the notion, but told her that if she made it three months I would try it. After all, cigarettes had been my constant companions for forty years. Three months later, she was still smoke-free, I kept my promise, and now I too am a non-smoker. From four packs a day to zero in one thirty-minute session. I am amazed how easy it has been. Although I am constantly around smokers both at work and socially, I have no urges, no desires, I do not even think about smoking. As they say…….If I knew then what I know now!”

--Mac from Ellwood City, PA

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! Tomorrow is one month since the treatment and I haven’t even been tempted to smoke. I have recovered much of my sense of smell and taste and am able to breathe so much better. To go from three plus packs of cigarettes a day to nothing and not suffer seems unbelievable but here I am a month later and feeling great. Merry Christmas to all of you there in PA, you have made ours here in south east Kansas a very merry one.”

--Lynn from Chanute, Kansas

Dr. Sandi and Gene,
This weekend was my 1st anniversary of non-smoking...doesn't seem like its been that long and in another way I almost feel like I never smoked at all. That sounds strange after smoking for 39 years and 3 packs + a day for the last few years. Am just so happy to be free of tobacco and I just wanted to say thank you again.

----Lynn Oliphant from Chanute, Kansas

I have tried many other methods and nothing has worked. I am smoke free since 11/09/2004 and this lazer procedure allowed me to go through the transtion without cravings or withdrawal. I talk about HALT to everyone I know that needs your serices. --“I am 68 years old and I smoked for 40+ years. I had 2 heart attacks and couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without being exhausted, until one day while reading a newspaper, I came across an ad placement for how to quick smoking with laser therapy. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I called and made an appointment with Dr. Sandra Kuglics on August 20, 2004. After my treatment, I was smoke free—I haven’t smoke since that time. Today, two and a half months later, I can walk and breathe without any problems, as well as, having more energy than I’ve ever had before.

--James from McKeesport, PA

“Since my procedure in the summer of 2004, I have had no physical cravings or needs. The procedure was painless and quick and administered in a positive and professional manner. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t mention that my heart wasn’t really into quitting smoking. I enjoyed smoking, but felt it time to quit for obvious health reasons. As days past and I felt no cravings I was more and more amazed—this had really worked! What a great mix of space age medicine and ancient acupuncture. Thank you for allowing me to quit.”

 --Ed from Ambridge, PA

“I have numerous friends that smoke. Being around them has NOT made it difficult for me. I have tried quitting before and I found it very difficult to be around other smokers and I always gave in to the habit! It has been over 2 months since I have had the procedure and I am proud to say that I am SMOKE-FREE! I highly recommend Laser Therapy for anyone who wants to quit!”

--Danielle from Aliquippa, PA

“On my drive to Health Awareness Laser Therapy, I told my husband that I was looking for an “easy cure” for smoking. I had tried to quit four different times in eight months! Each time was unsuccessful. I had even sought medical treatments to quit smoking. I had a half-hearted attitude towards the Laser Therapy, being frustrated at failing to quit so many times. I had my Laser treatment early in September. I remember leaving the office thinking, “I don’t feel any different at all.”

The last thing I was told in the office was “In about three weeks you won’t even remember you smoked!” I left even more skeptical than ever! I’d NEVER forget I smoke! I didn’t smoke at all that day, or the next! I never once had a physical craving for a cigarette. Everyday was easier and I thought less about it. Today, sixty days later, I’m thinking to myself if I didn’t know I once smoked, I wouldn’t remember I was a 25 year smoker! If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it. I am so amazed with the result, that my dad from Kansas is here in PA to have the treatment also! I don’t know how or why it works, but the process really did work for me!

--Susan from Hubbard, OH

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who really wants to quit smoking. I was a smoker for over thirty years, one to two packs a day. With non-smokers fighting for smoke-free environments everywhere, even trying to eliminate smoking in the home where children reside, it was becoming more and more uncomfortable to be a smoker. I would get angry with people when I was faced with smoke-free restaurants, etc. and I got tired of smoking out in the cold, alone. When I arrived at Dr. Kuglics’ office for the treatment, I literally smoked my last four cigarettes on the way and the last one as I was walking through the door.

Forty minutes later I walked out of the office—smoke-free—and remain that way today, seven months later. I went through virtually no withdraw. Absolutely no physical withdraw and the mental withdraw was limited to the passing thought that I “should” be smoking—but at the same time not craving a cigarette. It was an almost bizarre experience. It really didn’t compute-but I’m here to tell you that it absolutely worked and worked painlessly. If you have the desire to be smoke-free, I would highly recommend this treatment to help make your transition from smoking an easy one.”

--Angela from Mars, Pa

“ My energy level is at maximum and I am able to exercise and run without shortness of breadth. Since my procedure I am doing marvelous and I am eager to help others do the same. I copied the advertisement from the newspaper and gave it to everyone at work and I also gave one to my PCP so he can help others as well. Thank you HALT for giving me my life back”

--Marilyn from Beaver Falls, Pa

“Let me preface this by saying I was a 2 pack-a-day smoker and had been smoking for 38 years before I came to H.A.L.T. I was skeptical-I had tried almost all the methods available for smoking cessation-gum, the patch, an inhaler, Wellbutrin, cold turkey, hypnosis…I don’t know why this is working-both my husband and I have been successful with H.A.L.T. I do know that I walked into the office smoking a cigarette and came out smoke-free. I haven’t really even had a craving for nicotine since my treatment. My nails, fingers and teeth are no longer yellow; I’m breathing easier, my blood pressure is down to normal and I feel better overall. I thank Dr. Kuglics, her husband and staff for all their help. I don’t think I would have succeeded without them.”

--Michael from Conway, Pa

“It has been seven months since I had my last cigarette, thanks to Laser Therapy. I used to smoke a pack a day, until one day my husband brought home a flyer about some new way to kick my 40-year smoking habit. Since I had tried to quit several times before, and at this time had no real desire to try again, I simply filed the flyer away. My husband (not a smoker) waited several weeks before bringing the subject up again, reporting that those who had the procedure done were still raving about it. So I called and got all the information available about this remarkable program. Several days passed before I phoned for an appointment. My husband drove me to the office, satisfying his need to be sure I didn’t change my mind. As we drove, I was smoking one after the other, I told myself that this could not work, and that I was just doing this to “shut” my husband up.

I expressed this to Mr. Kuglics and we forged ahead, chatting about how much better my life will be now that I am a non-smoker. Huh I thought! I found myself very relaxed, and grateful that my husband was there to drive me home. Being so relaxed I decided a nap was in order. I did not crave a cigarette but I did want one when I woke up. After a nights sleep I no longer even wanted to smoke. After a couple of days I found that my wheezing was GONE, I could breathe better than I had in years. It has been two and a half months since I sat in that chair a total non-believer. I have not smoked, no desire to do so. I will be forever grateful to my husband and the Kuglics’ for aiding in my freedom from this addiction. Thank you for bringing this “miracle” to this area.

--Pat from Midland, Pa

“I saw the ad in the Beaver County Times and inquired more information on HALT’s website. I knew I needed to quit smoking. I tried cold turkey and the patch but always went back to smoking. Being skeptical, I called HALT and scheduled an appointment. I smoked my last cigarette on my way in the door. It’s been 2 1/2 months since my laser therapy and last cigarette. The therapy was so quick and easy, that I often thought “how does this work?”  It did, and I am proud to say that I am a non-smoker and plan to be the rest of my life! Thank you HALT!

--Patrick from New Brighton, Pa

“I have been a smoker all my life, smoking 1½ packs a day. I am also a very nervous and tense person. I am so amazed at what Laser Therapy has done for me!! I still do not crave a cigarette….It’s a miracle!"

--Rita from Monaca, Pa

“This was my first serious attempt to quit smoking. It is now three months and I am no longer a smoker! I remember how it used to be—more energy—everything humerous……IT IS GOOD TO BE THAT WAY AGAIN! I did this with my brother and sister-in-law and having someone go through the procedure with you and being part of your quitting helps. WHO SAYS QUITTERS NEVER WIN!!!! I DID!!!

--Jean from Ellwood City, PA

“I was treated on March 8, 2005 and I have not had a craving since. I am totally amazed! I’ve smoked 1½ packs a day for the last 15 years. Since March of 2000, I’ve tried nicorette gum, patches, group hypnosis (three different times) and a prescription of Wellbutrin that did not work. I liked smoking and did not want to quit but I was tired of giving my money to the greedy people who are taking advantage of someone with an addiction. Now the state of PA and all those others lining their pockets will be getting $40.00 less a week from me thanks to H.A.L.T. Thank you again!”

--Russ from Beaver, PA

I smoked three packs a day and liked the taste. I went to HALT two months ago after smoking for 35 years. I tell people now, in order to get me to light up, they would have to do me bodily harm. Not only was HALT’s Laser Therapy effective in helping me quit my addiction, they include a detox program that enables the cigarette toxins and chemicals to be extricated from the body. During my detox period, my gray hair turned yellow and my bed sheets turned yellow. I am very grateful to the staff at HALT.”

--Richard from New Brighton, PA

I smoked one pack of cigarettes per day for eleven years and have tried many methods to quit, all of which were unsuccessful. On September 14, 2004, I had the laser therapy procedure done at Health Awareness Laser Therapy and have been smoke free ever since. The laser procedure allowed me to go through the transition without cravings or withdrawal. …it seemed all too simple and too good to be true!! I talk about HALT to all my friends and anyone else I know that should stop smoking. Thank you again.

--Matt from Beaver Falls, PA

It has been one month since I’ve been to HALT for smoking cessation. I have absolutely no cravings whatsoever; in fact, I do not even “think” about cigarettes. I can be around people that are smoking and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I am feeling wonderful, actually, I feel very very good with no nervousness…..nothing like that at all.” I understand it and I don’t understand it” because I have never felt like this as far as quitting smoking..I have always had the cravings each time I’ve tried to quit in the past. Thank you HALT for helping me put my addiction behind me.

--Carole from Aliquippa, Pa

Oddly enough I still crave a Winston now and then. I was a heavy smoker of 27 years, at 3 packs a day. I heard your add on the radio which prompted my decision at that time, to become closer and closer to finally being smoke free. Finally I bit the bullet. Made the appointment, had the treatment performed on me. I left your office not wanting to smoke! I drove straight to my favorite tavern to test it out. It worked! What your procedure enabled me to do was to accept that I was no longer smoking. It removed the edge of going through withdrawal and accepting that this body will never inhale a Winston again. Unbelievable! I am running 2-4 miles a morning and breathing and not coughing. Amazing! Thank you. It was the best money I ever spent.

--John from Poland, OH

About one month ago I dreamed that I had begun to chew again. The next day I woke and cursed myself for going back to tobacco. I realized it had just been a dream. I was so excited, so elated. I feel so good. Looking back, I had chewed two and one half cans of tobacco a day. I had tried chewing sunflower seeds, and gum, but I just could not quit, though I tried and tried. Nothing I tried had worked. I had the laser therapy procedure done at Health Awareness Laser Therapy in March 2005. Today, 6 months later I am still tobacco free. I recommend Health Awareness Laser Therapy to my tobacco using friends.


--John from Pittsburgh, Pa

It has been one month since I’ve been to HALT for smoking cessation. I have absolutely no cravings Gene:
Well I just wanted to let you know that so far so good! I left your office on Tuesday and headed for Mountaineer!! I could not believe that I walked into the casino area, heavy with cigarette smoke and had absolutely no desire to smoke. This procedure boggles my mind completely, in that I smoked for 20 plus years and now have no desire whatsoever to smoke.

I will tell you that I feel very anxious at times, especially in my throat, using the spray and the drops have helped. However, even though I feel a little anxious and edgy I still have no desire to smoke. I know that this is not going to be easy but I am extremely happy that I have made it through the first 48 hours and I still do not want to smoke. For someone like myself who never thought that I would succeed at this, and believe me I know that I have a long way to go, the difference is this time I WANT TO MAKE IT.

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for explaining everything so thoroughly and making me much calmer and more positive when I left. Sincerely,

--Helen T., from Franklin, PA

The day after I received laser therapy, I could take a full breath of air, which I have not been able to do for years. My nose was clear. Even water tasted better to me. And now 1 month later, the pain in my left shoulder is gone. My appetite remained stable, and I have not gained any weight. After the laser therapy, I felt so clean without smoking. I kept thinking about how wonderful it felt to be free of cigarettes.

I tell myself I cannot go back to smoking when I think about the need to smoke, the joy in my daughters voice when I call to update on my progress. I told my husband “Of all the gifts you have given me this is the greatest.” HALT is a lifesaver. I believe I was very close to having a heart attack. I am glad I listened to my body telling me to stop smoking.

--Alice from Monaca, PA

It has been one year since I have stopped smoking. I was a 2 pack per day smoker for 30 years. Even under the most intense situations. “I was under a lot of pressure during a horseshoe tournament, and I never thought to light up”. As time went on I will occasionally have a slight craving for a cigarette, this slight craving soon passes and is easily overcome. IT WAS THE EASIEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.

--Jack from New Castle, PA

After having laser therapy for smoking cessation I don’t even think about smoking. I am amazed that I no longer want to smoke. An unexpected aspect – I have become more verbal in expressing myself, I don’t hold back anymore. I have recommended Health Awareness Laser Therapy to my friends. IT WORKED!

--Deborah from Beaver Falls, PA

I tried to smoke only once after having laser therapy performed on me for smoking cessation, but it made me very sick. I have realized that smoking was a crutch for other stuff. I am taking it one day at a time. I have been smoke free now for 5 weeks. I have found laser therapy to be absolutely helpful in helping me end my smoking addiction. I have recommended Health Awareness Laser Therapy to many friends.

--Helen from Franklin, PA

Thank you HALT for changing my life…I had the laser procedure done in June 2004 and I am so happy to be free of my addiction…I tell everyone about HALT. I don’t know how it works but it does…It’s amazing; I’ve never had a craving… I smoked for 34 years. I had tried the patch, cold turkey, I even went to a hypnotist, and nothing worked… Laser therapy worked for me, and I have been free of smoking for over a year.

-- Gail from Beaver Falls, PA

I am smoke free since my visit to HALT. I have NO DESIRES for cigarettes.

-- Tom from Aliquippa, PA

I have not even had a puff in three weeks since having Laser Therapy! I feel so good, I feel I can breathe better, and my sleep is greatly improved.

-- Ron from East Liverpool, OH

I feel like Dr. Sandi and Laser Therapy have saved my life! I feel wonderful, and I am not hungry all the time like I had been. In fact I never feel hungry, I am staying on the recommended products. I am so happy my heartburn has gone away. I love this program! I have lost 10 pounds in three weeks! My sister is even coming in from Southern Virginia to have Laser Therapy for weight control.

.-- Jane from Beaver Falls, PA

I am doing very well after having Laser Therapy for weight control. I have lost four pounds in only 20 days. I am not even tempted by Halloween candy!

-- Leslie from Lisbon, OH

Since I had laser therapy for smoking cessation EVERYTHING IS BETTER! It is EVERYTHING they said it is when you stop smoking. I am able to breathe better, and my sense of smell is also much improved. I now sleep better and my home smells better!

--Terri from Aliquippa, PA

Let me preface by saying I was a 2 pack a day smoker and had been smoking for 38 years before I came to HALT. I was skeptical – I had tried almost all the methods available for smoking cessation – gum, the patch, an inhaler, wellbutrin, cold turkey, hypnosis…I don’t know why this is working – both my husband and I have been successful with HALT. I do know that I walked into the office smoking a cigarette and came out smoke-free. I haven’t really even had a craving for nicotine since my treatment.
My nails, fingers and teeth are no longer yellow; I’m breathing easier; my blood pressure is down to normal and I feel better overall I thank Dr. Kuglics, her husband and staff for all their help. I don’t think I would have been successful without them.

--Michael from Conway, PA

Just a note to let you know that it has been almost 14 months since Bill and I had our HALT session and we are still smoke free. THANK YOU.

--Michael  from Conway, PA

You called me to follow up on the smoking therapy I did on 1/19/06 with you. I couldn’t be happier. It definitely took way the physical craving. The habit (mental) was an adjustment, but as long as the craving wasn’t there it wasn’t bad at all. I had to use the bath soak on the third day. It took care of the mental habit. I use the mouth spray once in a while, but more to reassure the mental habit. For quitting almost 1 month, I don’t have the urge to replace smoking with food either. I haven’t lost weight, but I haven’t gained either. I was a little worried about that. If you want more information, please email me.

--Debbie   Beaver PA

I don’t know how it works or what you did to me but it works! My sister-in-law sat beside me and smoked, and it didn’t bother me at all. I did not have the urge to smoke.

--Ray from Monaca, PA

I am not only saving on cost of cigarettes, but I will also save on the cost of life insurance. A savings of $36,000.00 a year.

--Bill from Imperial, PA

> I’ve had ABSOLUTELY 0% cravings since my visit for laser therapy! No cravings what so ever!

--Tom from Aliquippa, PA

Since receiving laser therapy I am not smoking, and do not need a smoke. Everything is just wonderful. I love you guys. If you can cure me, you can cure anybody.

--Mark from Hilliards, PA

It’s awesome!! I’m not even thinking about smoking. It’s easy to say no. I’m having no trouble at all!

--Teresa from Rochester, PA

I’m doing fine, and was able to sit in a bar without cravings.

--John from Pittsburgh, PA 

I needed to quit smoking because I have a small child who I didn’t want to be exposed to cigarette smoke. I used to only smoke outside because I never wanted my son to know that I smoked. I had laser therapy for smoking cessation 3 months ago, and I have not had any real urges to smoke since. I’m doing very well.

--Bryan from Midland, PA

I just wanted to say that I am totally thrilled with the success of my laser treatment. I am 38 and the mother of 2 young children. I had smoked from the time I was 12 years old. I was able to quit for both of my pregnancies but I’m sure it was out of the guilt of what I could do to my unborn babies. I went back to smoking almost as soon as each of my children were born. I justified myself by only smoking in my kitchen with the door open, or at work or only when my children were not in the car. But as my children got bigger and more active, I found that I could not keep up with them. I was winded pushing them on the swings or trying to run around with them in the yard. My son started to tell me how much my breath stunk. I had read about Dr. Sandi in the newspaper but it was almost a year before I went. I wish I had gone sooner. I had very minimal cravings after the treatment I wouldn’t even really call them cravings they were more like small thoughts that came into my head like “I usually have a cigarette now” or “A cigarette would taste good right now.” The thought was gone as quickly as it came.

It has been 3 months and I feel great. There are so many small things that I never realized I was missing. For example, I can smell my scented candles, I no longer get winded climbing stairs or cleaning. I get things done more quickly because I do not have to stop to have a cigarette. In the 5-10 minutes it used to take me to smoke a cigarette, I can clean a cupboard, or some drawers out. My house never smelled or looked so good. I now spend almost every evening of the summer playing in the yard or shooting hoops with the kids. I will never go back to smoking.

--Terry from Aliquippa, PA

Everything is great; I have no urges or cravings. I’m telling everyone about HALT. I love it. On a recent visit to my podiatrist, (I am a diabetic) the nurse knew that I had stopped smoking, the circulation to my feet was so much improved.


--Paul from Beaver Falls, PA

I’m doing great, I’ve had no withdrawal, no urges, no nothing. I don’t know how it works, but by God it works!

-- John from Freedom, PA

I love it, I love it, I love it!  I love not smoking.  I thought surely this won't work for me because I've tried using the patch and hypnosis and neither of these therapies worked at all.  I smoked for 47 years and wanted desperately to quit.  I was sick of it controlling me.  When my doctor told me I had beginning stages of emphysema, I tried laser
therapy.  I went to HALT to quit smoking on May 16, 2006 and have not had a craving or desire to smoke since.  I am so happy and what really made it all worth while was to see the look on my doctor's face when I
told him about it.

--Mary from Aliquippa PA

My husband had laser therapy for smokingcessation at Helath Awareness Laser Therapy. I have to say it is AMAZING!. He has had NO CRAVINGS, NO WITHDRAWL, and NO NOTHING!!! He has been smoking for 44 years and for him to be able to quit is some kind of a miracle. Never in a million years could he quit smoking on his own.

--John's Wife from Freedom PA
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