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I am 17 years old and I went to Health Awareness Laser Therapy for weight loss in August of 2012. I do have some health challenges but I was still able to lose weight at a pace that I was very pleased with. I lost 9 lbs the first month. I find the recommended food list and the nutritional cleanse has been most beneficial and a good compliment to the laser.

Shanice, Beaver, Pa

I am one of Health Awareness Laser Therapy's biggest advocates. I witnessed so many friends that went thru a multitude of their programs with amazing success; whether it be smoking cessation, weight loss or drug addiction. I am 52 years old and just needed to get rid of ugly belly fat as I exercise regularly and am tall and thin otherwise. No matter what I ate or tried to do, I could not lose this "muffin top". I am more excited than ever because I went for my first laser treatment in January of 2012 and by March 6, 2012, I had lost 14.5 lbs and 4% body fat. I refer many people to HALT and I thank them for helping so many who struggle with addictions. My father celebrated 7 years of being a non smoker thanks to HALT too!

Susan, Hubbard, Ohio

I am 75 years old and I like to dance, exercise and stay fit. I needed to lose 20 lbs. A good friend of mine had quit smoking with laser therapy and she recommended that I go for weight loss. I went in for my first treatment on 11/1/11. I lost 13 lbs and 3% body fat by the time I went back for my weigh in and second treatment on 12/19/11.

Mayvon, Aliquippa, Pa

I am 65 years old with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. and a bit overweight. No matter what I tried I could not shake off any weight. I was referred to Health Awareness Laser Therapy by a good friend who had been successful with their smoking cessation program. Upon my initial visit, I weighed 237 pounds with 27% body fat. I found that this program was exactly what I was looking for; it was so easy and I lost 18 lbs and 2% body fat in two months time. This was in May of 2009 and to this day, I have been able to keep the weight off.

Louis M, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thank you Dr. Sandi for caring and thank you for helping so many people to change their lives. I was an obese 188 lbs when I first went in for my laser treatment. It was the most pleasant and relaxing experience. I lost 8 lbs and 2% body fat in 1 month. I continued to follow the program from HALT until I reached my goal. The exciting thing is that you are losing inches at the same time as losing weight. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to lose weight and get healthy.

Maureen, Beaver Falls, Pa

I lost 10 1/2 lbs and 4% body fat in 4 weeks. My goal was to lose 23 lbs and I could not do it on my own even though I have healthy eating habits. HALT's Laser Therapy and nutritional cleanse has enabled me to reach my goal quickly and safely without the hunger. I experienced so much energy that I was able to go back to exercising without feeling stressed.
Gigi M.

One year later and I have lost a total of 32 lbs and have maintained my new healthy weight without gaining back those unwanted pounds or body fat.
Gigi M.

I lost 27 lbs and 7% body fat in 2 months with laser therapy. I'm down almost 3 dress sizes. I tried all the other diets and became very frustrated because nothing else worked. I just could not lose a pound; in fact, I gained weight using the Weight Watchers plan. I went to HALT 2 years ago to stop smoking and it was very easy and successful so I decided to try it for weight loss. The procedure is a very relaxing and natural way to lose and it makes you become "aware" again of what you are putting into your body. Best of all, my husband said "you are getting too thin!" I continue to incorporate the nutritional cleanse into my daily diet for energy and an organic source of vital nutrients. Halt is my favorite place to be.
Carol Yuhasz

During the last 10 years of my life, going through menopause and having numerous weight issues, I become so tired and so run down trying to run my small business of 15 years. I was so wore out and just could not keep up with it. I had multiple bladder problems getting up at night 6 times to go to the bathroom and, constant back pain with no relief. I finally sought the help of Dr. Sandi. I made my appointment with Dr. Sandi and was found to have a severe overgrowth of yeast and fungus throughout my body, mainly focusing on my bladder and kidneys. Several days later after starting my regimen of KM solution, I felt like a fog had been lifted. I could think clearly again, I felt alive and awake and I was starting to sleep longer than 2-hour intervals. By the end of my second 4-week checkup with Dr. Sandi, much to her surprise and mine as well, I had no yeast left and all my body signals were strong. I was sleeping, hiking, exercising, had dropped 10 pounds and I feel like a new person. I spent the last 10 years of my life thinking it was all due to just the "Change of Life". My KM Solution is like a Miracle Cure for me. It keeps me motivated and energized. Dr. Sandi, I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my quality of life!! Oh and my Corgi thanks you too, the KM solution is helping his arthritis in his hips while hiking. I am so grateful to you for your help and inspiration.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

Well, even though I thought the nutritional cleanse was not doing much, I still came out ahead! Yeah!!! I ended up losing 4 pounds and 5.5 inches total, so that is not too bad for 9 days and 2 days pre-cleanse with 6 days of oxycise exercise and 1 weekend of hiking incorporated in it. I am impressed! My thighs have not been under 40 inces in years! Wow, now I am at 38.5. So I guess it works on the fat, cleansing within you even if you are not aware of expelling toxic product.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

One month later I did another 9 day cleanse and WOW, I'm melting! On day two of the second cleanse, I already lost 2 lbs. It just amazes me that you think it would be a lot of water weight and you would gain it all back, but you don't. This is what fascinates me. I have not gained anything back from my first cleanse and I just continue to lose inches in between my cleanses. Pretty cool. I must add, additionally, I have experienced an "emotional" cleanse as well this time. My total weight loss has been 11 pounds and a total of 11.5 inches.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA

Well, I finally broke 130 with this cleanse and now am at 128!! Going on down to 125 and then maybe 120. Wow. When you met me I weight in at about 155. Going to try on a pair of those summer pants to see the difference! I bet that will be amazing. Everyone I run into says I look great.
Linda Cozma - Aliquippa, PA



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